Collaborator - AJ Harbison

FuseBox New Music has commissioned composer AJ Harbison to compose a new work for The Harmony Project KC, with the help of a grant from ArtsKC

About AJ

AJ Harbison (born 1985) is a composer and singer/songwriter living with his lovely wife and young daughter in Kansas City, Missouri. His music lives at the intersection of concert music and vernacular music, each bringing unique vitality to the other in a language both adventurous and accessible. Often integrating harmonies and rhythms from pop music with theory, instrumentation and forms from concert music, his work searches for beauty in brokenness in the space between the already and the not yet. He seeks to create music that is good (enriching the performer and the listener), true (portraying the world as it really is), and beautiful (displaying a mastery of the craft of composition). His composition teachers have included Leonard Rhodes, Pamela Madsen, Lloyd Rodgers, Ken Walicki, James Mobberley, Paul Rudy, Zhou Long, and Chen Yi. Current projects include Paul: The Road to Damascus, a new musical commissioned by LifeHouse Theatre (Redlands, CA).