Born in Wichita, Kansas, Ben Stevenson’s earliest musical memory is of pretending to write music as the congregation at his church sang. In fact, as far back as he can remember, music has been his primary obsession. This obsession has manifested itself in many ways, from studying classical guitar to playing in cover bands to composing music for films and theater, and now for the concert hall. 

Ben is a composer, performer, and educator based in Kansas City, Missouri. As a composer, he has worked with a growing list of collaborators, video artists, performers and directors, and his music was recently heard at the Charlotte New Music Festival. He has collaborated with the Music For Use project, an organization dedicated to bringing no-cost commissions to primary and secondary schools which would not otherwise be able to facilitate a new work. 

"I'm a composer of post everything music. If I've heard it, it's been an influence. I am un­ashamed to admit that I am just as inspired by the current Avant Garde as I am by the current Top 40. This allows me, in my own music, to move freely between stylistic areas and towards a synthesis of genres that, hopefully, honors my influences but still sounds uniquely my own."