About Zane     

FuseBox co-founder Zane Winter, during the course of his young career as a composer, has placed a particular emphasis on concert curating, chamber music coaching, and various administrative tasks, and has proven his ability to overcome diverse organizational, artistic, and interpersonal hurdles. During the latter three years of his time at Valparaiso University (B.M. ‘13), he was responsible for curating concerts of student compositions. Working with composers ranging from the young and inexperienced to the advanced, Zane oversaw and actively participated in rehearsals, handled organizational matters, created concert programs and advertising materials, and provided mentorship to young composers, giving them the tools to put on successful performances of their music. Zane also served in a similar role during his two years as a full-time M.M. student at UMKC, serving as vice president and president of the Composer’s Guild. In these capacities, Zane organized the Guild’s 2013-14 concert season, oversaw and coordinated the Guild’s operations in 2014-15 and organized and funded a trip to the Exchange of Midwest Composers Conference in Iowa City in 2015. As a result of this experience, Zane has developed the strong backbone of administrative skills needed to bring great concerts to fruition, as demonstrated by the many concerts to his credit.

         As an artist, Zane works to bring out the unique individual expression in every player he writes for through a collaborative process that encourages the participation of the performer at every stage of composition. As an explorer of many western and non-western musical traditions, aesthetics, and philosophies, he believes in a diverse approach to composition that incorporates elements of many styles, of both concert and vernacular music. Zane's carefully-notated scores work to encourage an intense dialogue between indeterminate and exacting notation techniques, creating a musical palate capable of expressing complex musical ideas as simply as possible, maximizing opportunities for improvisation and collaborative music-making. As a composer interested in music from many times and places, his compositions incorporate elements of Indian raga, global chant traditions, and Renaissance plainsong, and incorporate musical-narrative models that address positive and negative aspects of the human condition, existential questions of being, gender issues, and the pursuit of an ideal.

         For more on Zane and his music, visit www.zanewinter.com